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Dandelwind Equestrian Books

Two horses running in the mist

Welcome to the home of Dandelwind Equestrian Books. This is the start of a preteen series of books, loosely based off of my childhood horse experiences and the experiences of my farm. The thematic elements are universal. The characters, plots and everything in the books/blogs are fictional. Please note, this is a work in progress meant to showcase my ability to write. I hope to eventually get my books published but for now they will be published chapter by chapter on this site.

A gray horse cantering in the shade

From the blog

Two goats, Igor & Aladdin laying down in a stall.

About me: My name is Felicia and I grew up reading Unicorns of Balinor, the Thoroughbred Series, the Saddle Club and the Hartland Series. I loved the books and am so thankful I had them growing up. As a farm owner I love being around animals and I love seeing how they impact people. Have a bad day? Come and spend time with the animals at the farm. Need to burn off some energy? Come to the farm and work. This page is an extension of my farm website, see and follow the link below.